Parks and markets
Victoria Park (1)
Samuel and Lisa met some time ago in York. Now he’s back at work as a journalist in London while she is continuing her studies in Hull. They call each other a couple of times a week. They discuss their way of life in their neighbourhoods.
Listen to the phone call between Samuel and Lisa. Fill in the gaps in the text.
Lisa - How was your weekend then, Sam?
Samuel - Oh, the usual sort of thing, you know. A drink after work on Friday, and then out with the lads on Saturday night.
Lisa - Is that all you journalists do… drink and talk?
Samuel - Don't be silly, Lisa. Of course not. I keep fit, you know!
Lisa - Oh, how then?
Samuel - Jogging, my dear. That's what! At least five miles every Saturday and Sunday morning.
Lisa - How is that possible in London?
Samuel - Easy! I live a stone's throw from Victoria Park.
Lisa - Mm. I've heard of Victoria . Is it near to that?
Samuel - No. Victoria station's just round the corner from Buckingham . I mean Victoria Park in Hackney, near my . As a matter of a fact it's got just about everything. You could spend your holidays there, there's so much to do!
Lisa - That sounds just like Pearson Park near here. Except that I don't go jogging. We go there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the . It's so lovely and quiet.
Samuel - Hustle and bustle? You haven't got a clue. Come to and you'll soon see what busy means!
Lisa - Anyway, I bet our is nicer than yours.
Samuel - Well, I'm not sure… perhaps I'll come to and see for myself very soon.
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