A well-founded choice
Plans for the future
Lisa is looking for a new challenge... She wants to spread her wings and move to another town to start university studies. She would like to go to the University of Hull, for several reasons.
Listen to Lisa’s plans for the future and fill in the gaps.
Lisa is op zoek…
My ambition is to study European , but with the stress on practical use. Via the I have found out that the Combined Languages in Hull offers everything I need. The course is designed to develop all the speaking, reading, writing and listening in my chosen languages, as well as giving the opportunity to travel to the respective . It's ideal.
I realise that I can't put you to too much expense so I'll try to provide for myself. Apparently Hull is a relatively cheap to live in, compared to other university cities. And there are a lot of Belgian and Dutch
in the area, because of the ferry, which will make it relatively easy for me to find a in the hotel and catering industry.
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