Yes, Lisa, the war.. it was a terrible time! Your country suffered, but Britain had more than its fair share too. After the enemy had taken Belgium and France they turned on us. They sent planes to bomb the arms factories so that the air force - that's the RAF - wouldn't have the strength to fight back. They also attempted to destroy our radars, but luckily they failed miserably to achieve that. It seems Goering somehow missed the point so he wasn't as clever as we thought, fortunately. And then the air raids on London! They began on the seventh of September 1940: three nights in a row and we didn't even have any decent guns to fire back! Later, when we had the power to retaliate, they simply flew higher. It lasted until mid November. Every night there would be 200 raids... you just can't imagine the damage and casualties... 43,000 killed and 139,000 injured. So many houses destroyed too. But they never got us to surrender!