Customers' comments
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Many of the best features and improvements on our website today are also thanks to suggestions from our customers.

Euroffice encourages its customers to send in feedback on different aspects of online shopping, for example on the design of the actual website.

Complete the text with the simple past tense or past participle of the verbs between brackets.
What customers are saying about the website:
"I (to like) the site because it was easy to follow, products were easily (to locate) ,
the search facilities were effective and the layout was clear." Angus T.
"I was (to impress) that the ordering system could cope with the discount code on the invoice." John E.
"I (to look) at some of the competition, and you beat them on price and web site designů by a mile." Richard P.
"Your website is great! Information is (to lay out) neatly and concisely." Chris D.
"I (to find) your online system very good indeed. You were (to recommend) to me from
a smart group. I have (to indicate) my thoughts on to that forum." Stuart E.
"Your website is very good as a rule. Very fast. I was unable to find parcel tape with "Fragile" written on it, but I (to email) and I (to get) a quick response telling me where it was." Steve
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