National Good Neighbour Day
One good deed a day
On National Good Neighbour Day people are asked to do at least one good deed for their neighbours.
Read the suggestions and complete the sentences with "neighbour" (singular) or "neighbour
s" (plural).
Op de Nationale Goede Buur Dag vraagt men de mensen om minstens één goede daad te stellen voor hun buren. Lees de instructies en vul de zinnen aan met "buur" (enkelvoud) of "buren" (meervoud).
Do you want to be a good neighbour? Thenů
- Have a chat with your when you meet them in the street or when you see them in their garden.
- Check to see how your are. If your is unwell, ask if he/she needs any shopping
  or if his/her dog needs a walk.
Help your with babysitting or child minding, it's often difficult for them to find someone.
If you bake some cakes, make some extra to give to a .
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