Home and community
You work at the helpdesk of Home and Community, a company involved in recycling. You have to deal with customers’ questions over the phone. Scan the company's website on http://www.ecorecycle.vic.gov.au/homeandcommunity/household_recycling.asp and fill in the missing modal verbs in the operator's answers to callers' questions. (e.g. can't, must, don't have to, would, should, etc.)
Hi. Iíve got this big box with empty glass bottles here in my kitchen. I used to throw them out together with the rest
of my waste, but my friend Jenny has told me that glass can actually be recycled. I found your number on the Internet, could you please tell me what I have to do so that my glass bottles are recycled?

Well, if you separate clear, amber and green glass bottles and jars, it
be appreciated by the recycling centre. Then they do it anymore. Most household glass be recycled, but watch out for white opaque bottles and laboratory or medical glass, china, ceramic bottles and stones, because they be recycled. Before you throw out the glass,
remove lids or caps and try not to break the bottles or jars because broken glass is difficult to sort.
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