England, the themepark
Being a tourist can be an exhausting experience because historical monuments sometimes are far apart and time available for tourism is limited. In the novel England, England Sir Jack Pitman suggests to down-scale the English world and bring all worthwhile pieces of art together on one island, i.e. the Isle of Wight. What makes up the top five of historical English landmarks? Complete the text.
The five main attractions in England, England:
  1. The Royal Family. We are extremely pleased and to announce that the royal family have agreed to come and live as permanent of England, England. we have decided to refer to our new island site project as 'a family park' - or preferably, the family park - rather than calling it an amusement or theme park. Our aim is authenticity and what greater symbol of could we ever hope to have than our royal family.
  2. English history. Scale models of famous historical sites and landmarks, such as Stonehenge and Big Ben will be provided. Our aim is to build them about half the size of the real thing achieve a compromise between retaining some of the grandeur of the originals and preventing each one from blocking out too much light, they will be built quite close to one another. The various monuments are to be built within a traditional English garden the size of several football pitches.
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