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Transcript of the Audio from the
Video Clip of a Bull Bison Goring a Visitor

The video clip was shot by two different visitors. The first portion was shot by one of the visitors being chased. He is with a half-dozen other visitors who were taking refuge behind a group of pine trees. The second part was shot by a visitor observing from a distance who was standing on the benches near Old Faithful Geyser.

Camera A

A boy walks passed a large bull bison that is wallowing in the dust near the Old Faithful boardwalk.

Woman: "OK let's see this..."

Man: "That's very close."

Woman: "Let's see this goofy little child..."

The bison jumps to it's feet and shakes violently raising a cloud of dust. It begins to run in the direction that the boy was walking. The boy stands still.

Man: "There he goes. You see, he's being rambuncious again. People, go behind" (the benches on the boardwalk).

The bison turns and begins running toward the boy who in turn starts running toward the camera and the comparative safety of the trees.

Man: Talking to a child near him. "Stay behind me." Then talking to the boy who now nearby and has the bison close on his heals. "Kid, kid, kid, stay behind me and fluctuate, OK? Behind me. There you go. Don't go anywhere. Behind me. Behind me. Behind me."

As the bison reaches the trees it begins chasing the visitors through and around the trees. The bison could easily run down anyone who runs out into the open so the adults are trying to convince the children that they are safer if they stay near the trees.

Woman: "Oh, my God."

Man: "Behind me. Right there. That's it."

Woman: "Oh, no."

Man: "Stay here. Don't run away!"

Woman: "Put the camera down and don't run!"

The videographer is unable to dodge the bison and continue shooting effectively so the images show the area in a scrambled fashion as the videographer runs from tree to tree. There is an occasional image of the bison that shows up very near the cameraman.

Man: "Oh yeah."

Woman: "Oh yeah. Don't bring him over here. Don't run!"

Man: In a frantic voice, "Donna, Get up! Donna, get up. Donna. Whoo whoo. Donna"

2nd Man: Attempting to distract the bison and get him to move away from the woman that was just gored, "Whoo, whoo, whoo."

Woman: "Easy, baby."

Video scene becomes even more scrambled as the videographer runs from the bison.

Woman: "Oh God!" and then shrilly screams twice.

The camera seems to have been dropped. It goes dead.

Camera B

Starts with a bison running passed the clump of trees with visitors scrambling to stay behind the trees. The videographer is standing on one of the benches near Old Faithful Geyser along with dozens of other visitors who were waiting for the next eruption.

Videographer: "The most exciting thing is the buffalo running through the parking lot."

Woman: "Oh my God!"

There are several voices in the nearby crowd expressing concern for the visitors being chased.

Woman: "People are running. I can't (incomprehensible)."

Videographer: "Nobody cares about...Oh, my goodness. Did he get that guy?"

A woman trying to run around the back side of the trees from the bison is quickly caught and gored in the back. She is thrown to the ground where she lays with one arm extended in the air. A man runs up and stands between her and the bison.

Videographer: Now more frantic, "OH!"

The bison runs a short distance from the trees, turns and stands watching the visitors he was just chasing. One of the men walks within several yards of the bison and picks his camera up off the ground.

Videographer: "That guy is crazy!"

Young woman: "Don't antagonize him!"

The bison finally walks off into the nearby woods.

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