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Transcript of the Audio from the 1992 Bison Goring Video

This video shows a man near the West Thumb Geyser Basin who approached far too close to a bull bison. When bison charge they can move faster than the fastest Olympic runner. This bison caught up with his quarry very quickly.

Video begins with big bull bison shaking its head violently and while visitors watch from a distance of less than 25 yards. Park regulations state that bears should never be approached closer than 100 yards and other wildlife should never be approached closer than 25 yards.

Sounds of people laughing.

Woman's voice: "Don't run. Just walk."

Video cuts to a shot of a man standing immediately behind a small pine tree with the bull bison kicking up dirt on the other side of the tree. The bison lies down in the dust.

2nd Woman says something incomprehensible.

Man's voice: "How are you doing? ... He's getting mad." - referring to the bison.

Bison runs around the tree quickly and catches up with the man as he attempts to run away.

Woman's voice: "It's going to get him."

The bison gores the man in the rear end and with a quick flip of it's head sends the man literally head-over-heals into the pine tree.

Woman screams.

Man's voice: "Oh no."

The man falls from the tree and instantly jumps to his feet.

Woman's voice (frantic): "Jim, stay here. Jim, stay here!"

A second man who was nearby tells the man who had been gored, "Get up in the tree. Get up in the tree. Come here. Come here."

Woman's voice: "Jim, Jim, Jim, stay here. Jim."

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