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Transcript of the Audio from the Elk Rut Video

A Mammoth Hot Springs resident and National Park Service employee, Paul Chalfant, shot the video of a bull elk ramming several vehicles when they stopped too close to the bull's harem. Paul was shooting from his porch and often retreated to the safety of his house. What follows is the text transcript of the audio with a brief description of the associated video.

Bull elk runs toward Paul and stops near the porch as Paul steps inside and closes the door.
The elk bugles loudly.

Bull elk bugles at a cow and chases her away from a truck.
Paul: "He's telling her to stay away from those red pick-ups."

Bull elk eats some snow.
Paul: "I wonder if he is overheated and he needs to ..."

Red pick-up truck pulls forward and stops very near the bull.
The bull begins to run toward the truck.
Paul: "Watch, watch, watch!"

Bull elk rams the right rear corner of the truck with it's large antlers.
There is a loud crashing noise and the tail-light lens breaks off.
Womans voice: "He broke off their tail-light."

Young elk makes a whining noise as the big bull chases another bull from the area.
The bull being pursued runs immediately passed Paul.
Woman's voice: "Paul, Paul!"

Bull elk returns to eating snow.
Woman's voice: "He's eating snow."

Another red pick-up truck pulls up and stops nearby.
Paul: "Those people are trying to imitate him".
Woman: "In the car?"
Paul: "Yeah."

A whistling noise comes from the truck.
Woman: "They're whistling. Wait 'til they see the damage on their car."

The bull begins to run toward the truck.
Paul: "Watch. Here he goes."

The bull rams the right rear corner of the truck.
People in the truck laugh and clap their hands.
Woman: "That's harassing."

Bull elk bugles loudly again.
A car pulls up beyond the bull. It stops and backs up near the bull.
The bull rams the car at the passenger door repeatedly.
You hear the sound of the cars engine being revved. The driver forgot that he was not in gear.
Finally the car is put in gear and speeds off with the elk in pursuit for a short distance.

Later that day, at dusk, the bull resumes his activities.
The bull elk charges a car that stops very near to him.
Man's voice: "Oh No, No, No, Oh!"
You hear the sound of the bulls antlers ramming the passenger door of the car.
Elk bugles loudly.
Paul: "Does he still have all his tines? Yeah, he does."
Man's voice: "Did he dent that car?"
Paul: "You bet!"

Cars begin to move away from the elk.
Paul: "That got traffic moving."

Man's voice: "This is going to get hairy."
A car slows down near the bull and once again the bull begins to charge.
Man's voice: "Oh oh, No, No!"
The car pulls away avoiding being rammed.

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