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Transcript of the Audio Portion of a Video
Featuring the Goring of a Man by an Elk

Camera 1:
Video starts with image of a large bull elk standing next to stairway that leads up to the Mammoth Grill. A half-dozen visitors are standing at the top of the stairs outside the doors to the grill. The elk begins walking to the left and the camera-person pans to follow. When she realizes the elk is approaching very close to a man, she moves her camera to the right and says, “Oh, jeese!”

After the elk gores the man in the hand, head, and chest, the camera-person pans back to the scene and says, “I think I got that”.

Camera 2:
Another visitor was videotaping the scene from their car. They filmed the elk approaching the man for a second time. This time from behind. This is what was said by the people in the car.
Woman: “Don’t go up on them like that…. Look out!!”
Man: “Look out!!...Watch it!”
Woman: “You guys, get inside.”

The man who was gored retreated to the Mammoth Grill and park rangers were contacted. He was treated and released from the Mammoth Clinic.

The man had approached to within 8 feet of the elk and took a flash photo of it before the elk charged him. Park rules say that you should never approach closer than 25 yards to wildlife in general and 100 yards to bears. Do not be fooled by seemingly tame wildlife. They are wild animals and can be extremely dangerous.

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