On the trail of Jack the Ripper…
What a walk!
Sam has been on a Jack the Ripper Walk by Original London Walks and he is quite impressed.
He calls Lisa to tell her about it.
Listen to their conversation and fill in the gaps.
Sam - Hi, Lisa. Guess what? I've just been on one of those Original London Walks. It was quite an . I'm still shaking!
Lisa - Great. Which walk did you do?
Sam - Jack the Ripper! Have you heard of him?
Lisa - It rings a bell, though I'm not too sure. Wasn't he a killer or something like that?
Sam - That's right. Nobody really knows exactly who the 'Ripper' was. It's a kind of nickname, you know.
Well, people believe that he killed lots of on the streets of London. He used to kill
them with a … 'Ripper!' See?
Lisa - You make it sound like 'Psycho'.
Sam - Oh, it is. Many books have been written on the subject. Even films have been made.
Lisa - Yes, I have heard of it, now that I think about it… but it was such a long time ago. Are
still interested?
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