An invitation
Contacting an old friend
Lisa has written a letter to her old friend Sarah to invite her to the York Food and Drink Festival. You can read what she wrote to Sarah below. However, some frequently used expressions were left out. Can you reconstruct the original text?

Lisa heeft een brief...

Actually / As you know / By the way / I'm writing because / I would love to / Let me know / So / Take care / Then / Too
actually / as you know / by the way / let me know / so / take care / then / too
Dear Sarah,
I would like to tell you about a special event in York that takes place in September. , York is the city where I'm doing a weekend job for the moment. Perhaps you would like to come and stay with me for a day or two then. What do you think?
, it's the annual Festival of Food and Drink to promote typical Yorkshire products. They say it's very interesting indeed. There are several very good markets we could visit. One of them is called the Continental market and even has a Belgian stall. there are different cookery demonstrations where famous chefs prepare local dishes. I know you like cooking.
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